June 2016


Best Original Game!

Troll and I - Winner of Eyewave Games Best of E3 2016 - Best Original Game!




June 2016


Big News!

Troll and I is coming to E3 this month!





That’s right, Troll and I will be hitting the gaming stands in the Los Angeles Convention Centre on June 14-16. If you are going to E3 this year then make sure to check Troll and I out at the South Hall booth 2605




February 2015


Troll and I

is being featured on the Square Enix Collective for a whole month!




Pop over and read all about the new game, and vote if you like it. We have also set up a website dedicated to Troll and I.



PlayStation Vita Pets

June 2014


PlayStation Vita Pets

is finally out for the PlayStation Vita!


Keep updated via the PlayStation Vita blog.



PlayStation Vita Pets

April 2014


PlayStation Vita Pets will be released for the PlayStation Vita from June 4th 2014! You will be able to pick it up on cart or download it directly from the PlayStation Store in time for the Summer holidays. We will update you soon with more news!


Cliff Diving

August 2012


Cliff Diving's expansion Splashdown Pack is now available for £0.79 from the PlayStation Store. Two new diving scenarios and twelve brand new bone breaking dives.


Cliff Diving

February 2012


Cliff Diving is released on 22nd February, to coincide with the launch of the PS Vita. It is available as a free download for the PS Vita.


November 2011


EyePet Adventures is released on PSP on 11th November. It contains new Augmented Reality games and a secret world to explore under the floor!


November 2010


EyePet PSP is published. On November 2nd 2010, EyePet PSP launches in the US.

October 2010


Spiral House have been working on EyePet PSP for Sony and it is now complete. News regarding release dates will follow shortly.


The first review of EyePet PSP can be found here.


April 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Spiral House Ltd. Another year has passed. 11 years old this month - still independent and still going strong.


June 2009


WipeOut Pulse PS2 complete and released.


April 2009



HAPPY BIRTHDAY Spiral House Ltd. Yes, we are ten years old this month.